Special Education

Duval County Special Education Co-Op
609 Labbe 
San Diego, Tx  78384
361-279-3382  Ext. 2800

Welcome to the Duval County Special Education Co-Op's webpage! We hope that these pages will give each parent, student, and educator an idea of what services our program provides to students with disabilities. We also hope that this site assists viewers to become active participants in all aspects of the special education process. Feel free to navigate through our site and please do not hesitate to contact our office if you should have any questions or concerns.  Join us as we make our schools "a better place" for our students! 

                                                                                JoAnn Valderas, Duval County Special Education Director

                        Benavides ISD  - 106 W School St. -  Benavides. Tx  78341  361-256-3003  https://www.benavidesisd.net/

Ramirez Commom School District  - 10492 School St  -  Realitos, Texas     361-539-4343  http://www.ramirezcsd.esc2.net/